Paladin MFT FAQs

What is a Paladin and why did you choose that word?

Glad you asked! Historically, the word paladin was used to refer to any of the twelve peers of Charlemagne’s court, comparable to the Knights of the Round Table. During medieval times, a paladin was defined as a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry.

Today, the word Paladin is defined as a person who actively supports or favors a cause. Synonyms of the word Paladin include supporter, advocator, true-believer, friend, encourager, and fellow traveler.

I chose the phrase Paladin MFT because I wanted a positive word that conveyed the message that a Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) is an ally and a supporter. I am a true believer in therapy and an advocator for mental health.

What is your goal for therapy?

My therapeutic goal is to communicate with my client that “I am here with you right now, and I am listening. What you have to say is real, and it matters. I am a fellow traveler on your mental health journey, and I am excited to begin our therapeutic alliance to achieve your therapeutic goals. “