Counseling Resources

MagpieLife: Psychotherapy by Eve Sturges

Eve Sturges, LMFT #103942 is my supervisor and she owns her private practice called MagpieLife: Psychotherapy. Eve is currently located in Northeast Los Angeles, California.


Jessica is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in working with complex trauma, family dysfunction, and geeks/gamers. As a self-identified gamer herself, Jessica enjoys kicking ass on Call of Duty and exploring all of the fun games on Roblox. Her favorite universe is Marvel and she has a soft spot for Disney villains. Jessica comes from a school-based background and has extensive experience running groups, training clinicians in video game therapy, and speaking on mental-health panels. Jessica Medina (formerly Jessica Erhman), is the host of the If the Couch could Speak podcast check her out @happylilbrains

CalFam Counseling Center

CalFam Counseling Center is a community mental health training center that offers low-fee mental health services. CalFam is located in Chatsworth, California, and offers mental health services to individuals, children, teens, couples, and families. Click here to view their website.

Grief Resource Network

Grief Resource Network is a great website that offers free resources to individuals who are seeking mental health services for those who suffer the loss of a loved one. Click here to view the website.


This website is where I first started working with clients who were looking for someone to talk to for emotional support. In 2018, I volunteered as an active listener to provide emotional support to individuals who just wanted someone to vent, confide, talk, vomit, so on and so forth. Although I am no longer an active listener, it is a great resource and it is free! Click here to view the website.