MagpieLife: Psychotherapy by Eve Sturges

Eve Sturges, LMFT #103942 is my supervisor and she owns her private practice called MagpieLife. Eve is currently located in Northeast Los Angeles, California.

CalFam Counseling Center

CalFam Counseling Center is where I am currently working part-time as an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist Registration Applicant, Supervised by a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. CalFam offers services to individuals, children, teens, couples, and families. Click here to view their website.

Grief Support for Pet Loss

Grief Support for Pet Loss is a Facebook group page that I created with my fellow MFT Trainee colleagues, Cherrylin Mucho & Keenan Solomon, in May 2020. The group page was created to provide an open space for individuals who are experiencing grief associated with the loss of a pet. Click here to view the group page.

Grief Resource Network

Grief Resource Network is a great website that offers free resources to individuals who are seeking mental health services for those who suffer the loss of a loved one. Click here to view the website.


This website is where I first started working with clients who were looking for someone to talk to for emotional support. In 2018, I volunteered as an active listener to provide emotional support to individuals who just wanted someone to vent, confide, talk, vomit, so on and so forth. Although I am no longer an active listener, it is a great resource and it is free! Click here to view the website.